Ali Pasha

The story of

Ali Pasha Tepeleni.

He reigned for 32 years (1788-1822) in Epirus, most of Albania, Macedonia (up to Thessaloniki), the Peloponnese (except Mani), northern Evia, Thessaly, Central Greece and parts of Skopje (Monastery, Ohrid) his reign was very strict justi. Him main supporters were the Greeks

The official language of his state was Greek and in his courtyard served the future heroes of 1821, Karisakakis, Athanasios Diakos, Markos Botsaris, the first Free Parliament of the Free Greece, Anthimos Gazis, Ignatius of Hungary and others

In his time become an international commercial, economic and, most importantly, spiritual center. Naples and the Bulls of England and the Gulfs competed to secure his alliance.

At a very early age he married – to a Christian marriage – the legendary lady Vassiliki Kontaxis, her influence over him was absolute. During his reign he built dozens of Christian churches and no mosques. He declared Patrokosmas Aitolos a “Saint"! He allocated huge sums to the Friendly Company (Filiki Etairia) for his own political benefits. He built harbors and streets, scrubbed marshes, opened mines, built countless bridges and dozens of public buildings.

His end was tragic: In the cells of the Monastery of Agios Panteleimonas he was murdered on the 5 February 1822 by the Turks. Ali Pasha Tepelenli the “Lion of Ioannina" was celebrated during the 19th Century by leading personalities such as Lord Byron, Alexandros Doumas, Lamartinus, Viktor Hugo and Goethe.