The Museum

The Museum of

Ali Pasha
in Ioannina.

In the island of Ioannina, in the area of the monasteryof Saint Panteleimon was established in 1958 the Museum of Pre-Revolutionary period thanks to the initiative of the residents of Ioannina. In the same area is located by May 2012 the Museum of Ali Pasha and the museum of the revolutionary period. Here the visitors can see the collection of Mr Fotis Rapakousis.

In the main building of the Museum are exposed objects related to Ali Pasha and objects which are associated with the time of his reign (1788-1822). In the second room of the museum you can find relics from the Greek revolutionary period (19th century).

Additions feature unique historical heirlooms, such as the gold Rifle of Ali Pasha (1804), the silver sword of National Benefactor Apostolos Arsakis (1813), the original costume of Kyra Vasiliki, the infamous Pipe of Ali Pasha , curtains with embroidered initials of the Sultain Mahmut B (1808-1836) and plenty more.

The beautifull exterior of the museum guards sleeplessly 700 years old plane tree, it is protected by the caves where inside one lived the saints Theofanis and Nektarios the Apharades, the founders of the Barlaam of Meteora Monastery (15th-16th century) and many others. In these caves, the inhabitants of the island took sellter during the bombings of the Italian Air Force in November 1940.

The Golden Rifle of Ali Pasha (1804)

Turkish Gun (18th century)

The silver sword of National Benefactor Apostolos Arsakis (1813)