Revolutionary Period Hall

You can find freedom relics from the Greek Revolution of 1821. Large collection of pistols, swords ,paintings, lithography and manuals from 19th century.

Silver saber from Epirus

On the handle there is the following quote:
“[This] is a gift [from] Zois Charitos [to] his son Stamati [to] guard [himself from] Ibrahim [with this] silver [saber] . Manufactured on the bad [year]:1817 October 9"


Engraved silver knife (Giannena 17th century)

Double silver travel knife (19th century)

Silver gilded balaska

Pair of silver Balkan guns (18th century)

Embroidered selachi

Silver gilded gun

Silver knife from Giannena

Small French statuses praising Greece

Silver fat box (19th century)

Silver scimitar

Silver knife (Epirus 19th century)

Silver balaska

Wine jug Pezaro

Silver st George (19th century)

Wine jag Pezaro (18th century)