Welcome to the museum of

Ali Pasha

The visitors of the halls of the museum Complex will have the opportunity to admire all authentic artworks by silversmiths form Epirus (weapons, jewelry), utilitarian traditional costumes of Epirus, a representation of an authentic winter room, paintings, lithographs and objects with ethnological interest.

The museum showcases unique historical relics such as the golden gun of Ali Pasha himself , the silver dagger of a national benefactor , Apostolos Arsakis, the original clothes of Kyra Vasiliki wife of Ali Pasha, the famous long pipe of Ali Pasha and curtains which are embroidered with the initials of the Sultan Mahmud the Second (1808-18360).

Explore the legacy of Ali Pasha.

The museum is located on the island of lake Pamvotis near Ioannina.