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Museum of Ali Pasha and
Revolutionary Period
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Unique Authentic Artifacts
From Epirus
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Works of Art
From the History of Epirus
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Welcome to the Museum of

Ali Pasha and
Revolutionary Period.

The museum introduces visitors to stunning works of art which are typical of the renowned silversmiths of Epirus: weapons, jewels, household and everyday articles, ceramics dated from the 17th to the early 20th century, representations of an authentic winter room (ontás) or the drowning of Kyra-Frosini, caves where historical events of WWII are presented, paintings, lithographs and objects of ethnological interest.

The showcases of the museum are rife with unique historical artefacts, such as the famous gold-plated kariofili (rifle) of Ali Pasha, the silver sword of national benefactor Apostolos Arsakis, the authentic tsimbouki (water pipe) of Ali Pasha, or the genuine silk dress of Kyra-Vassiliki

Museum Ali Pasha